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Home Marque Alfa Romeo GDM 140 Alejandro Mesonero (English version)

GDM 140 Alejandro Mesonero (English version)

A Spaniard from Madrid, Alejandro Mesonero is very proud of his Iberian identity and his Latin. In his collaboration with the Seat brand, this is reflected in a simple stylistic imprint with a sporty touch that is even more exaggerated in the case of Cupra. This sporty approach was confirmed with the Bigster concept car for Dacia and then in his work for his favorite brand, Alfa Romeo. A love for the transalpine brand that gave rise to the superb masterpiece, the sublime Stradale 33.

In this interview with Gentlemen Drivers Magazine, Mesonero reviews the main milestones that have marked his career, particularly with Alfa Romeo. 

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